10.297 Seafood Grill


29 (Tue) October 2019

Seafood Grill


at Al Sarab

(Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa)

-Dubai, United Arab Emirates-

with the Family

Family Holiday Fall 2019 in UAE, Day 3.

In Dubai.  We’re spending the boys’ fall break in the United Arab Emirates, both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

After a couple days in the city of Dubai, we’re now in the desert just outside of the city.

Staying at Bab Al Shams, one of the perks is a free class on falconry, which is a national pastime/sport of the Emirati elite.

DJ feeding quail to Noora.
IZ feeding quail to Aziz – according to the trainer, “Aziz, he is crazy about food.”

The resort also offers camel rides.


I was very disappointed to learn that the resort’s famous Al Hadheerah restaurant, which includes dinner and cultural experience, was unavailable due to a private function.

Instead, we had dinner at the rooftop lounge Al Sarab.


Pide (2.5): it’s pronounced “pah-eed” (rhyming with “hide”) (see 9.056 Pide).
Fun to eat seafood in the desert – DJ: “Dad, would this be a kind of irony?”

2 thoughts on “10.297 Seafood Grill

    1. I would like to think that all kids are quotable in the right context.

      Just last night, I made hambagu, and IZ said, “I want to be vegan but animals taste so good.”

      (I’m assuming he learned about veganism at school.)

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