10.325 Pasta Andrada Bolognese


26 (Tue) November 2019

Pasta Andrada Bolognese


at Mamou

(Serendra Piazza)

-BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family, In-Laws

The bolognese pasta at Mamou is one of the best that I have experienced in Manila thus far, edged out of the top spot by the bolognese at Va Bene Past Deli, which has the advantage of fresh pasta (see 9.078 Bolognese Tagliatelle).

Steamed Live Maine Lobster (3.25)

The term “tomalley” – also known as “fat/paste/brains/guts” – refers collectively to the gunk of organs in the body cavity of shellfish, such as crabs and lobsters.  When cooked, the tomalley is enjoyed as a delicacy in its own right.  It is also used as a flavoring/thickening agent for sauces.

Reader Nancy commented in a prior post about her affinity for tomalley (see comments at 9.151 Steamed Live Maine Lobster).

With an order of the lobster, Mamou now offers a plate of complimentary fried rice that includes tomalley, as well as roe.

Fried Rice (3.25)

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