11.006 Maguro Sashimi


11 (Sat) January 2020

Maguro Sashimi


at Ogawa


-BGC (The Fort Strip), Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Boys

On our prior visit to Ogawa, I had been so frustrated by the service that I vowed never to return (see 8.110 Teppan Seafood Zen).

But boys were keen for sushi.  And I was happy to go Japanese, which would provide a range of healthy options.  We were in BGC, on foot, so Ogawa was the only option.

Hamachi Sashimi (3.5)

The food was excellent – in particular, the sashimi may have been the best that I’ve experienced in Manila.

Yudofu (3.5)

The service was lightning quick.

2 thoughts on “11.006 Maguro Sashimi

  1. Not sure how far your new dietary considerations extend into the environmental sense, but moving forward you might consider reducing bluefin tuna intake?
    (Not trying to preach. I’m guilty of many environmental vices on a daily basis).

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