11.011 Shrimp & Broccoli in White Pepper Sauce


16 (Thu) January 2020

Shrimp & Broccoli in White Pepper Sauce


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Trying hard to serve healthy food at home these days, emphasizing vegetables, minimizing meats.


After I’d laid out the spread, W sprang out of the kitchen with a plate of chicken nuggets, which she had been secretly baking in the air-fryer, and proudly dumped them onto a bowl of romaine salad.  In 12.5 years of marriage, she has never added something of her own accord to a meal that I’m already preparing.  I was aghast – not by the attempt to contribute, by the contribution.  The boys were thrilled – “Junk food, yay!”


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