11.039 Stir-Fried Baguio Beans & Shrimp


13 (Thu) February 2020

Stir-Fried Baguio Beans & Shrimp


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family, JL

Extending a last-minute dinner invitation to our intern, I scrambled to whip up a decent spread.   The Chinese/Thai stir-fry technique that I’ve been working on lately proved useful in the pinch.


Congratulations to EE and YL on the birth of their daughter!

As promised during our previous encounter (see 11.028 Seaweed and More), I will make the new mother a pot of miyeok guk (seaweed soup), as per Korean practice.

I made a batch of oxtail stock, some of which I will use for the soup.

The rest of it – I can squeeze out quite a bit (see for example 10.243 The Ggorri Story, Part 4: Ddeok Guk) – will be featured in various dishes over the next several days.


But first, eating up the oxtail meat, which I find to be the least interesting part of the whole thing.

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