11.048 Shrimp & Scrambled Eggs with Wood-Ear Mushrooms


22 (Sat) February 2020

Shrimp & Scrambled Eggs with Wood-Ear Mushrooms


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with W and IZ, ES’s family

Inspired by the dish at Seafood Market & Restaurant (see for example 8.005 Scrambled Eggs with Black Fungus and Scallion).

In the Philippines, woodear mushrooms are referred to as “black fungus” – at least in American English, “fungus” doesn’t sound very appetizing.


ES’s husband is visiting from Korea.  She proposed that we all go out for dinner.

Given the recent rise of COVID-19 cases in Korea, I had considered declining altogether but then compromised by hosting dinner at our home.  As WHO staff, I didn’t want to be seen taking drastic measures.  During dinner, I did ask him why he would take the unwarranted risk of boarding a plane during this sensitive time; his response: “Well, I was wearing a mask – hahaha.”  Oh my god, I should’ve aborted the meal right then and there.

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