11.062 Miyeok Guk Ramyeon


7 (Sat) March 2020

Miyeok Guk Ramyeon


by W

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with W and IZ

On 1 February 2020, I posted on my efforts to stock up on groceries for home consumption in order to avoid eating out during this COVID-19 outbreak; at the time, 11,953 cases had been reported globally (12 cases in Korea, 1 case in the Philippines), 259 deaths (all in China) (see 11.027 Doomsday Pork Belly).

On 23 February 2020, I posted on my kids being quarantined at home due to exposure to a visitor from Korea in the wake of a surge in Korea; at the time, 78,811 global cases (602 in Korea, 3 in the Philippines), 2,445 global deaths (5 in Korea, 1 in the Philippines) (see 11.049 Cheese Pizza).   The kids were allowed to return to school yesterday.

Today, the Philippines confirmed the 1st known case of local transmission – unofficially, we’ve suspected for awhile that the virus is already out in the general public, yet the official confirmation was alarming; at present, 101,927 global cases (6,767 in Korea, 5 in the Philippines); 3,073 global deaths (44 in Korea, 1 in the Philippines).

And so, I spent the day securing more groceries, maybe enough for another month.  The store was out of eggs.


Miyeok Guk Ramyeon is a Korean food product.  A combination of seaweed soup (miyeok guk) and instant noodles (ramyeon).  The seaweed soup tastes as good as the real thing cooked at home from scratch (see most recently 11.052 Miyeok Guk) – seriously.  A game changer, one of the greatest instant items ever invented by the Korean food industry.


After eating the noodles, the remaining seaweed and broth begged to be finished with steamed rice, like the real thing.

FYI, Koreans tend to dump the rice into the bowl with the soup.


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