11.098 Easter Eggs


12 (Sun) April 2020

Easter Eggs


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

At dawn, I started Easter Sunday by boiling 20 eggs.

Eggs in the Philippines, presumably due to rough handling at some point in the distribution process, often come cracked to varying degrees in the carton.  In boiling, around 2 out of 10 eggs typically break apart in the water.

Of the 15 intact eggs that came out of the pot, I ate 2, both to confirm their doneness and to nourish my soul.

Before the kids got up, I hid the remaining 13 eggs around the house and wrote up a list of clues on their locations.  If the boys could find all the eggs in 30 minutes, they would be allowed to watch a movie in the evening.  Whoever found the most eggs would get to choose the movie.  They found all the eggs in 4 minutes.  IZ found 3, DJ found 10 – he chose to watch an episode of Sherlock.

We ate the eggs throughout the day, including for dinner.

In preparing the eggs in the morning, I had neglected the critical step of cooling them after the boil.  By dinnertime, the yolks had become a bit overcooked.


Does the Easter Bunny eat carrot cake?


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