11.051 Cuadril


25 (Tue) February 2020


(see WHAT)


at La Cabrera

(see index WHERE)

-Glorietta Complex, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

The first time that we’ve eaten out as a family in 25 days (see most recently 1.026 Polipo), ever since we adopted a moratorium on public dining until the COVID-19 situation gets better (see 11.025 Doomsday Pork Belly).  It doesn’t seem to be getting better, especially in Korea (see generally 11.049 Cheese Pizza).

But it’s W’s birthday tomorrow, and she demanded to go out – virus be damned.

We considered options and chose La Cabrera, not only because of the food, but also because it’s usually pretty empty, thus minimizing potential contact with others.


Cuadril is a cut of beef in the Argentine tradition.  According to some internet sources, it’s the rump.  The menu at La Cabrera subtitles “Cuadril” as “Coulotte,” which in America is part of the sirloin.  Based on the shape and flavor, I believe that La Cabrera’s Cuadril is in fact the sirloin, not the rump.

When I was growing up in the States, our family used to frequent a steakhouse called Mr Steer.  I recall that my parents would always order the coulotte steak.  In the 30+ years that have passed since that time, I cannot ever encountering another coulotte steak on any menu anywhere in the world, until here.

At La Cabrera, the Cuadril was awesome.  Deep rich beef flavor, enhanced by the flame grilling.  Perfectly chewy, while tender.  One of the best steaks that I’ve experienced in my life.

In a side-by-side comparison, the Bife de Chorizo, another favorite cut (see 11.013 Bife de Choriso), seemed a bit more tender, though a bit less flavorful.

By family consensus, La Cabrera is now our favorite steakhouse in the Philippines (see BEST STEAK).

We’d deliberately chosen a table near nobody, but a party was seated next to us towards the end of the meal.

The complimentary birthday ice cream + crepe dessert was excellent.

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