11.189 1++ Hanwoo Sirloin Strip Steak


12 (Sun) July 2020

1++ Hanwoo Sirloin Strip Steak


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family, Mom and Dad


For lunch, I finally got a chance to have MNM at Jinmi, the first time in over 6 months; this would’ve been the featured item for today’s post, if not for the Dad’s birthday thing.


The hanwoo counter at J-Mart, our local supermarket.

When presented with options on where to have dinner in honor of his 75th birthday, my father rejected them all and instead requested that I cook Italian at home.  I suppose that I should’ve been flattered, though his tone suggested that he merely preferred to stay in, not that he enjoyed my food so much.

Happy birthday, Dad!

Approximately 600 grams of meat at 12,800 won per 100 grams = 76,000 won; the butcher cut the price down to an even 70,000 won.

The centerpiece of the meal was steak.  I purchased a pair of gorgeous 1++ hanwoo sirloin strips, despite the butcher’s warning that they’re too marbled for steak – “I can handle it,” I assured him.  I handled it by searing the meat on intensely high heat to create a thick, crispy crust, which provided a textural contrast to the super juicy fatty interior.  Indeed, the meat stayed moist even when cooked to medium well, as preferred by my father.  While the steaks don’t look that great in the featured photo, they were.



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