11.191 Mil Noodle Gukmul Ddeokbokki


14 (Tue) July 2020

Mil Noodle Gukmul Ddeokbokki


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Another DIY product from Pulmuone, this one for ddeokbokki, with three twists on the traditional form.

First, the “rice” cakes (ddeok) are actually made of flour (mil).  As mentioned in the first post on this dish, street vendors have traditionally used cakes that are predominantly/entirely flour (see 1.048 Sundae & Ddeokbokki), which are cheaper to make. But the flour-based cakes are much lighter and chewier compared to the denser rice-based cakes.  Previous home packages of ddeokbokki often touted the use of so-called high-quality rice cakes, even if rice cakes made for a less pleasing, less authentic experience.  Glad to see that Pulmuone has finally got it right.

Second, the cakes are long noodles.  I don’t know what inspired this form, whether long noodles suddenly became a thing while we were in the Philippines.  Anyway, I suppose that kids like long noodles, so why not.

Third, the sauce is more of a soup (gukmul), rather than a traditional gravy.  I noted this trend in recent post (see 11.167 Gukmul Ddeokbokki).  I don’t get the point, because nobody is going to drink the sauce as if it’s an actual soup, while the watery consistency reduces its effectiveness as a sauce.

While the package comes with dried scallions and white cabbage flakes, I added fresh scallions and white cabbage, as well as broccoli stems.

It was okay, just right as a quick afternoon snack for the boys, even though made here for dinner.

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