11.201 Bun Cha


24 (Fri) July 2020

Bun Cha


at Bun Cha Ra Boom (Starfield City Wirye)

-Hakam, Hanam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Bun Cha Ra Boom is a Vietnamese restaurant chain.  Currently 8 locations across the country, including 1 in Wirye.  Specializes in pho and bun cha.

On the ground floor of Starfield City Wirye, a small shopping mall near our new place, PK Kitchen is a food court that hosts a handful of restaurants offering (mostly) made-to-order dishes, self-service.
I am very pleased to see that cuisines other than Korean, Chinese, and Japanese are becoming more accessible in mainstream settings.
I very very pleased to see that morning glory, which was once a rarity in Korea, is increasingly available as a side dish at Southeast Asian restaurants, even with a limited menu.

The bun cha was good.  The set came with a plate of salad of lettuce and baby greens, plus a few pieces of deep-fried spring roll, which were delicately crispy/flaky on the outside and juicy inside.  The bun cha broth was a bit too sweet, while lacking in fish sauce – very likely adapted to local palates – but otherwise fine.  The meat comprised slices of grilled pork belly, which were tasty in themselves and also added a touch of char-flavor to the broth.  The noodles were a bit limp, but okay.  Overall, a nicely balanced meal.

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