11.209 1++ Hanwoo Ribeye


1 (Sat) August 2020

1++ Hanwoo Ribeye


at Donggarae

-Gonggeun, Hoengseong, Gangwon, Republic of Korea-

with IZ, Mom, Uncle HO

Donggarae is a Korean restaurant/butcher shop.  Specializes in Korean BBQ, specifically hanwoo (Korean beef).  The meat is sold raw by weight, either for takeout (to be cooked elsewhere) or for dine in.

Even though Hoengseong is Korea’s most famous region for beef, it’s not readily available for sale within the region.    I suspect the reason is simply because the prices are too for the locals, and the small volume of tourists isn’t sufficient to make it worthwhile.

(I’m not sure if I qualify as a tourist, since technically I am a landowner here.)

The prices here tend to be higher than the same meat sold in Seoul.  Top-tier 1++ hanwoo ribeye (deungsim) costs 20,000 won per 100 grams at this place; by comparison, a hanwoo restaurant in Seoul would charge at least 50,000 won per 100 grams; a butcher shop would charge between 12,000 to 18,000 won.

Anyway, my uncle was buying, so we gratefully gorged.

Then I was reminded of a simple stir-fry that I had improvised at Noryangjin market a few years back (see 7.080 Abalone & Garlic).  Turned out okay.


(For more details about the food, see WHAT)

(For more details about the venue, see WHERE IN KOREA)

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