11.279 (Not Really O) Otoro Nigirizushi


10 (Sat) October 2020

(Not Really O) Otoro Nigirizushi


at Sushi Seon

-Sangga, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Confirming my first impression, the nigirizushi here is good.  In addition to fresh, tasty fish, the rice is seasoned with just the right amount of tang.

Premium cuts of fish were previously available, but only in limited amounts.  At the price of 1,000 won per piece, they sold out early on in the service.

Round bamboo plate = 3,000 won.

Now, they offer two premium cuts at commensurate prices: otoro (fattiest tuna belly) at 3,000 won, and engawa (fluke fin) at 2,000 won.

Among the 3 levels of tuna belly – (1) toro = fatty tuna belly / (2) chutoro (“chu” = “medium”) = fattier tuna belly / (3) otoro (“o” = “great”) = fattiest tuna belly – I’d place the tuna belly here somewhere between (1) and (2) – in fact, some pieces look as if gradating from red to pink (see featured photo) – nowhere close to (3) as billed.

Which is just fine by me, as I prefer the subtle fattiness of tuna belly in the (1) to (2) range.  (3) tends to be way too fatty for my tastes.

Flat bamboo plate = 12,000 won.

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