11.286 Hwangsaechi Nigirizushi


17 (Sat) October 2020

Hwangsaechi Nigirizushi


at Sushi Seon

-Sangga, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

According to Korean internet sources, hwangsaechi (황새치) is swordfish.  Maybe.  In my general experience, I’ve found that names for animal or plant species don’t always translate that well from language/country to another, whether due to misinformation or simply because a given animal/plant in one place doesn’t exist in another.  Generally, hwangsaechi is understood in Korea to be a type of white tuna, which may or may not be the same thing as albacore.  In Japan, swordfish is called “mekajiki,” while albacore is “shiro maguro,” but I don’t know which one is hwangsaechi.  Recently, it began appearing on conveyor belt sushi menus.

For the same price of these 4 so-called otoro (see 11.279 (Not Really O) Otoro Nigirizushi), I could have 12 pieces of hwangsaechi.

At Sushi Seon, the hwangsaechi nigirizushi is good.  The color of the flesh is whitish, like yellowtail, compared to the pinkish flesh of swordfish that I’ve encountered, as steaks, in the States, which again might be a different kind of swordfish altogether.  The flavor is sweet and buttery, reminiscent of albacore.  Only 1,000 won apiece, way better value than tuna belly, which is 3,000 won apiece.

56 plates – we actually had more, but some orders come on separate bamboo plates.

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(For more details re venue, see WHERE IN KOREA)

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