11.289 Kal Mandu Guk


20 (Tue) October 2020

Kal Mandu Guk


at Onjeong Son Mandu

-Sinjeong, Yangcheon, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


After a needlessly protracted process (see 11.233 Gogi Mandu), the Republic of Korea has finally seen fit to grant me an F4 visa, so I am now a legal alien.  I obtained my card at the immigration office this morning.  Yay.

As before, I timed the visit so that I could eat lunch at Onjeong Son Mandu.  I ordered Kal Mandu Guk (칼만두국), a combination of cut noodles (kal guksu) and dumplings (mandu) in soup (guk).

The combo comes with 5 mandu – choice of either gogi (meat) and/or kimchi: I got 4 gogi + 1 kimchi.
First, I ate the gogi mandu.
Then, I broke up the kimchi mandu as seasoning for the anchovy broth, which was fine as is, but I wanted some kick.
I also added kimchi.
The resulting soup was rich and refreshingly spicy.  The handmade noodles were exquisitely chewy.  The dumplings, as ever, were awesome.

I hope that I won’t have to come back to the immigration for a long while – the visa is valid for 3 years – but I’ll be sure to eat at this restaurant when I do.

(For more details re food, see WHAT)

(For more details re venue, see WHERE IN KOREA)

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