11.303 Baozi


3 (Tue) November 2020



at Baozi Pu

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Baozi Pu is a Chinese restaurant.  Specializes in dumplings and noodles.  Currently 2 locations in Seoul.

Located in a back alley about 5 minutes walking distance from the office – very close, but not in the immediate 2-minute vicinity – I came upon it by chance; yet another example of the neighborhood’s gentrification.
I was shocked to see that the menu offered no jjajang myeon, no jjambbong, no fried rice, no sweet & sour pork, no soju.
The humble, simple interior suggested that the place was serious about the food.

The food was excellent.  Referred to as “baozi” on the menu, the xiaolongbao had soft, chewy skins, and tasty pork filling; the broth inside the dumpling was a bit flat but passable.  The “hundun” noodle soup, comprising flour noodles with small dumplings topped with minced pork in a spicy pork broth, somewhere between jjambbong and tonkotsu ramen, was rich and utterly satisfying.  Most important, the experience felt completely Chinese – i.e., not Korean-Chinese.

Never encountered or even heard of this dish before, and my initial research hasn’t yet uncovered any historical/background details.
I was tempted to lick the bowl.

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(For more details re venue, see WHERE IN KOREA)

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  1. It’s interesting how both in Sweden and Korea, typical “Chinese food” is not particulary chinese at all…

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