11.317 Spicy Italian Sandwich


17 (Tue) November 2020

Spicy Italian Sandwich


from Subway

in my office

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


The Spicy Italian is a sandwich by Subway.  Includes salami and pepperoni, with cheese and the standard fixings.  An all-time classic.

Can’t recall the last time that I had a Spicy Italian, which used to be my go-to item at Subway, but it was surprisingly good this time, better than I remembered.  Perhaps because the sandwich had everything in it, instead of my usual customized order, which omits cheese, cucumbers, onions, pickles, jalapeños (see 2.057 Turkey Sandwich) – I was in a hurry, the line was long, they had difficulty understanding through the masks, etc.  As such, the sandwich had a much more vibrant flavor profile.  It also seemed much meatier than before, as if they’d added a few extra slices of sausage.  In any case, I enjoyed it very much.

Actually, I did request them to hold the pickles.
The meat was about a centimeter thick.

More important, I seem to have resolved the matter of whether plain bread can be purchased at Subway.  In a recent post, I described my wife’s failure to do so (see 11.263 A Zep, A Large).  I had experienced the same failure myself many years ago (see 2.057 Turkey Sandwich).  This time, rather than starting out by requesting plain bread, which apparently triggers a negative policy mechanism, I simply ordered a veggie sandwich on white bread.  The sandwich artist got a loaf of bread, cut it on the “hinge” – as per reader and former Subway sandwich artist Nancy’s description (see comments at 8.217 Roast Beef).  When she asked to confirm that I wanted everything on it,  I replied, “No, nothing on it, leave it as is.  Thank you.”  She shrugged and wrapped it and moved on to the next customer.

The label reads “white bread.”
With the meat from the Spicy Italian, I could’ve made another sandwich.

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