11.365 Bojok


4 (Mon) January 2020



from Won Halmeoni Bossam

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Won Halmeoni Bossam (원할머니 보쌈) is a Korean restaurant chain.  Specializes in bossam.  Founded 1975.  A landmark chain, one of the first to establish franchises, starting 1991.  Now countless locations across the country, possibly the most of any national chain.

When we first got married, a few years before GMTD was launched, W and I used to order delivery from the branch near our first apartment in Nonhyeon-dong, weekly.  For no particular reason, we stopped ordering upon moving to our second apartment in Oksu-dong, even though a local branch was undoubtedly nearby.

The sole branch thus far in Wirye only offers delivery and takeout.
The store is just an open kitchen with a register and pickup counter.

Just happened to be passing by when we saw the sign and decided to get dinner.

The bag was bigger than this photo would suggest.
Regrettably, a lot of disposable packaging was involved.
The plastic claims to “environmentally friendly.”
The set came with a full spread of accompaniments, including noodles, soups, toppings, condiments, wraps, and even a can of Pepsi.
“Bojok” is a portmanteau of “bossam” and “jokbal.”
Kimchi (3.0) + Mumalaengi (3.0)
Buchu Geotjeoli (3.0) + Chicory Salad (2.5)
Wraps, including pickled radish slices, parboiled napa cabbage, fresh romaine lettuce, fresh perilla leaves.
Mak Guksu (2.0)

The food was good.  The bossam, made of steamed pork belly, was tender and sweet.  With so many toppings and wraps, every bite offered the potential for different taste-texture combinations.  The boys loved it.

(I don’t eat jokbal (pig’s feet), which we got at W’s insistence, so I can’t comment, though it mostly went untouched, even by W.)

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