12.033 Dotori Muk Muchim


7 (Sun) February 2021

Dotori Muk


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


Had lots of leftover vegetable bits in the fridge.
Just my luck, W brought home a 2-kg package of dotori muk.

Me: “What possessed you to buy 2 kilograms of dotori muk?”

W: “I dunno, how was I supposed to know it was 2 kilograms?”

Me: “It says ‘2 kg’ on the label.”

W: “Who looks at the label?”

Me: “Didn’t the heaviness give you a clue?”

W: “The package was thin, so it didn’t seem that heavy.”

I’m wondering whether some industrial purpose (e.g., stability) necessitates the containers to have corrugated bottoms – also common in tofu containers – which makes the product take on a distinctly articificial/manufactured look; then again, the matrix facilitated even slicing.
At this very point, I should’ve taken a nibble of the jelly to assess flavor and texture, but the whole thing came together in less than 5 minutes, so I wasn’t really thinking.

Alas, as a dish of dotori muk, it was a complete failure.  The cakes were hard and crumbly, unpleasant to the bite.  I should’ve tested them prior to pouring the dressing – a rash amateur oversight, even if I haven’t prepared this specific dish in nearly a decade (see most recently 2.299 Dotori Muk Muchim).  The packaging doesn’t provide any preparation suggestions, but I’m thinking perhaps that sitting the cakes in warm water for a few minutes might soften them, make them supple.  I still have like 1.3 kg for further experimentation.

Drizzled with an improvised ponzu-based dressing, the vegetables were a bit hit.

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