12.047 Gyeran Mari, Two Ways, Revisited


21 (Sun) February 2021

Gyeran Mari, Two Ways, Revisited


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


Recently, Number One Swedish Fan GK recalled his experience trying one of my recipes for gyeran mari (see 2.241 Gyeran Mari) and commented that the amount of minced onion + bell pepper + carrot + celery + scallion (total of 10 tablespoons) seemed too much in proportion to the amount of eggs (4), perhaps explaining why he couldn’t get the omelet to roll properly.   While confident in the recipe – all my recipes on GMTD are thoroughly tested before posting – I agreed that the vegetables could be reduced, so I eliminated the celery (now a total of 8 tablespoons).

A variant gyeran mari recipe calls for minced SPAM + scallion (6 tablespoons in all) (see 4.016 Gyeran Mari with SPAM & Scallions).

We agreed to make both recipes and compare the results.



For the first recipe, I didn’t have bell pepper but substituted enoki mushrooms to maintain the total volume of 8 tablespoons.  Note: I used thin scallions (jjokpa), including the green scapes.

For the second recipe, I didn’t feel like opening a can of SPAM, so I used 6 tablespoons of scallion alone, as did GK.  Note: I used large scallion (daepa), just the white base.

Structurally, both turned out fine.  Rolled quite nicely and kept together.  Probably would’ve worked with 10 or more tablespoons of ingredients in any combination.

The second omelet was a bit bland, due both to the absence of SPAM and my failure to adjust the salt level (without SPAM, I should’ve added an additional 1/4 tsp of salt).  Seasoning aside, it was boring.  But good enough as a side dish.



GK: I didn’t include celery (since I didn’t have it and I don’t like it).

GK: The one with all the vegetables (carrot, onion, peppers etc) felt like it had too many vegetables compared to eggs. Plus that I don’t like the consistency of uncooked carrot.

GK: For the recipe that calls for sliced daepa, I substituted the ham for even more daepa (making it in total 6 tbs of daepa).

GK: Maybe I should have made sure to mince the vegetables even finer.

I have repeatedly had problems before with the omelette not holding together, probably because I cook them at too high of a temperature, giving me too little time to start folding them. I should turn down the temperature next time.

My favorite version of gyeran mari is actually just onion and eggs. Both because I like the taste and texture of onions, and because they are very convenient and easy to mince finely.



I agree that the vegetables need to be minced much finer.  Presumably, chunkier vegetables hamper the omelet from staying together.  After the initial mince, run through the vegetables a few more times with the knife at various angles.

I also agree that the omelet needs to be rolled quicker while the egg is still moist.  As seen in the photo of the cut scallion omelet, the telltale dark concentric circles show that the egg was already browned/overcooked as it was being rolled.  As soon as the egg is firm enough to roll, roll it.

Finally, as suggested in the photo of the partially rolled first omelet, I think another issue is that the initial roll is too wide, which probably makes rolling more difficult down the line.  The omelet will naturally grow with successive rolls, so start as small as possible, about 2 cm or less.

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  1. Great post as always. And thanks for the tips. I used to be much better at making them (or at least I imagine that I was). I will make use of your advice and just continue practicing.

    Your 계란말이 are really nice looking, better than in most restaurants I would say….

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