12.048 Golden Lobster Sashimi Etc.


22 (Mon) February 2021

Golden Lobster Sashimi Etc.


at Hwa Hwa

-Yeoksam, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family, Mom and Dad

My mother’s birthday today.

Hwa Hwa is a Japanese restaurant.  It’s one of those chi-chi places that only have rooms and only offer course meals (kaiseki).

Currently, Hwa Hwa is my parents’ favorite Japanese restaurant.

As I’ve said it before, I wish that they’d keep the gold flakes and charge a bit less.  This is the 4th post on GMTD to feature gold (see also 5.267 (Literally) Golden Sushi; 6.018 Bok Jeongsik; 9.169 Chamchi Hoe).

The food was okay.  Everything was impeccably fresh, but otherwise kinda blah in its predictability.  The lobster sashimi was the only thing new to me, though I didn’t like it, rather rubbery and flavorless.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

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