12.049 Bacon Sandwich Deluxe


23 (Tue) February 2021

Bacon Sandwich Deluxe


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


Recently, I purchased a number of grill pans for tabletop “Korean BBQ,” both for myself – not happy with our current one, which cooks unevenly and leaves bits stuck between the bars (see for example 11.273 Chicory Jumulleok) – and for GK in a soon-to-be-shipped care package.  I will test them out keep/send the best one.

This one is made to look like the lid of a traditional cast iron gamasot pot (see generally 6.094 Bang + Rang).
A separate basin for run-off.
In lieu of samgyeopsal, I tested the pan with bacon.
The little receptacle in the center is designed for sliced garlic to be cooked in sesame oil.
After 4 batches.

PRO: The pan did a great job of cooking the bacon evenly, with the non-stick surface preventing any bits from sticking and scorching.  The steep angle ensured that the fat dripped quickly down and away.  The basin beneath the pan worked well to catch the drippings.   CON: The non-non-stick surface of the basin was immediately and permanently stained from the oil splatter.  Even worse, a run through the dishwasher left the metal kinda rough and chalky.  By comparison, most other pans come with a drainage hole on one end, under which a disposable paper cup can be placed and easily thrown away.  The pan would not work for dishes in which the marinade should be retained (e.g., bulgogi).  RECOMMENDATION: Keep the pan for some potential future use, toss the basin, continue testing other models.

It started off as a simple BLT, but then I decided to incorporate leftover cold cuts, including salami, ham, mozzarella cheese, as well as cucumbers and jalapeños.  In the end, it still tasted like a bacon sandwich.

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