11.273 Chicory Jumulleok


4 (Sun) October 2020

Chicory Jumulleok


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


Freshly picked greens from Mom’s garden at the cabin.
USDA Choice Black Angus.

In Korea, a popular cut of beef for grilling is galbisal (갈비살).  The literal translation is “rib (galbi) meat (sal).”  The meat along the rib bones are carved into long strips (see below).  When further cut into smaller pieces (see farther below), usually for Korean BBQ grilling, they are sometimes referred to as “rib fingers” – though personally I don’t recall ever seeing them sold this way, either in restaurants or supermarkets, in the US.  The fact that it’s packaged for export sale would suggest that the industry has a technical term for it.

Generally, I prefer buying meat in bulk form, which allows me to adapt it for whatever I’m making – here, thinly julienned for a quick-grill application.
At 1,480 won per 100 g for a 2-kg package, the meat is about half as cheap than if purchased in smaller quantity; however, it comes with a lot of fat, maybe a quarter or more, which I tend to trim and throw away.
At first, “This is a good idea.”

The chicory jumulleok was hit and miss.  The meat, marinated with a dash of Yeondu and sesame oil, was tender and tasty.  The chicory was fine initially, adding a touch of fresh bitterness, but then the bits remaining on the grill began to burn, so I had to take the grill to the sink and wash it for the second batch.

Soon thereafter, “Maybe not.”
Wrapped in lettuce.
Chicory kimchi jjigae.

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2 thoughts on “11.273 Chicory Jumulleok

  1. I’ve actually occasionally seen these for sale here in Quebec…sold as “rib fingers.” Tried them once, they were quite fatty and tough (like ribs, not sure why I expected otherwise). I should have braised them.

  2. you know, come to think of it, I have heard of “rib fingers,” in fact, i referred to galbi sal as such in a prior post: https://givemethisday.com/2010/11/04/1-303-grilled-rib-fingers/. but i can’t recall where i got it, maybe a quick Google translate, because i still don’t remember ever seeing the cut in the US.

    i’m going to amend the post. thanks!

    as for the meat, it does come with a lot of fat and connective tissue, which needs to be generously trimmed – i can imagine a restaurant being reluctant to trim too much. but the remaining meat can be very tender and tasty. hanwoo galbisal is as expensive as ribeye.

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