12.188 Bulgogi

Cycle 12 – Item 188

12 (Mon) July 2021



by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Among the various ways to cook bulgogi, the most common method involves a traditional bulgogi grill pan, especially in restaurants (see for example 7.095 Bulgogi).  Typically heated by a gas flame underneath, the meat is cooked on the domed center plate, which is vented to facilitate heat distribution.  The perimeter of the pan is a channel, usually filled with stock, where cooked meat and other ingredients are slowly simmered.  BBQ + hotpot in one.  

I was unable to dig up any history about the pan, though its unique design would suggest some story behind it.

I’d purchased this pan in 2014, thinking that I’d host bulgogi parties in my apartment in Manila, but tonight was the first time using it.

The bulgogi was from E-Mart, pre-marinated.

I made stock (soy sauce + garlic + sugar) and prepared enoki + chives + dang myeon (glass noodles).

As a modality, the set-up turned out quite well.  Easy to prep, easy to cook, easy to clean.

However, I didn’t like the pan in 2 respects: (i) the channel is somewhat shallow, so it doesn’t hold much stock, which is needed in sufficient quantity to cook noodles; (ii) the stainless steel surface created a lot of scorching, even after the first batch.

The bulgogi itself was kinda bland.



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