12.199 Seed Doenjang Siraegi Rice

Cycle 12 – Cycle 199

23 (Fri) July 2021

Seed Doenjang Siraegi Rice


at Sunnam Siraegi

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Without question, this is my favorite restaurant for lunch while I’m at work.  The food, both mains and sides, is consistently tasty, healthy, and fresh.

From the self-service banchan buffet, the selection always includes 4 standards (above, clockwise from top right): dotori muk with spicy soy dressing + jabchae + ddeokbokki + kongnamul.  A 5th wild card selection changes daily: today, it was seasoned mushrooms (see also 12.073 Yuchae Namul).

On the table, 3 additional banchan, always the same (below, from left): pickled cucumber chilies + pickled squid + radish kimchi.

Seed Doenjang Siraegi Rice is a set meal at Sunnam Siraegi.

The siraegibab comprises steamed rice, seasoned with sesame oil, mixed with radish leaves, topped with seasoned laver.   It’s awesome as it is.

I don’t know if siraegibab is an established dish, perhaps in the Jeolla provinces where the founder of the chain was from, or a proprietary dish of this restaurant, invented by the founder.

The doenjang chutney that comes with the set takes it to another level.   Reminiscent of a ssamjang that I make on occasion (see most recently 7.335 Ssamjang), it’s perfectly salty/sweet/spicy/nutty.  For an extra layer of nuttiness, it’s full of sunflower seeds.  One of the most exquisite condiments that I’ve ever experienced.

A choice of soup, either the mild or spicy siraegi guk, I much prefer the spicy version.

I ordered an extra bowl of rice to finish off the doenjang.  They gave me an additional serving of siraegibab, and didn’t charge me for it.

It was a most gratifying meal.



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