12.200 Banchan

Cycle 12 – Item 200

24 (Sat) July 2021



at Gogi Nara

-Changchon, Seowon, Honegseong, Gangwon, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

A few months back, in the context of a grilled beef meal at this restaurant, I raved about the banchan.

I’m happy to rave again, following the meal tonight.

The proprietor grows vegetables for the banchan in her own garden.
Also in her greenhouse.
Hands down, our preferred beef cut these days, not only at this restaurant but everywhere, even at home, is chadolbagi (shaved brisket), especially when it’s Hanwoo.
Here, chadolbagi is 35,000 won per 150 grams, which may appear cheaper than, say, the deungsim (ribeye) at 38,000 won per 150 grams, but chadolbagi comes with way more fat, less protein – then again, the fat is what makes it awesome.
An order of beef comes with 15 banchan. 
To an inexperienced eye, the array banchan may appear similar, but each is distinct in texture and/or flavor.
Someday, I hope to document the banchan individually, though they change every time.
In addition to the 15 banchan, special customers receive a 16th banchan: 3-year-old mugeunji (see 12.054 3-Year-Old Kimchi).
The platter of mixed greens, provided for wrapping the grilled beef, constitutes a 17th banchan of sorts.
Pickled Green Lettuce (4.0): delicate in texture, tangy in flavor, my personal favorite, perfect accompaniment for the rich, fatty chadolbagi.
Seasoned Ggwari Gochu (Shishito Chilies) (4.0): chewy/crispy in texture, spicy/nutty in flavor, my second favorite, even better accompaniment for the rich, fatty chadolbagi.
The interior of the restaurant, featured on GMTD for the first time.

We cleared all 15 banchan (most of the 16th, some of the 17th), plus second helpings on many of them.

With eagerness, I look forward to doing it again.



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