12.208 The Third Score

Cycle 12 – Cycle 208

1 (Sun) August 2021

The Third Score


by W

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Coming home, I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she returns to the hotel after her shopping spree.


Cherry Tomatoes

(garden at our cabin)

In case you were curious, this is what happens to romaine when it’s allowed to grow out of control.
Our final crop of the season.
So unbelievably sweet.


Cooking Ingredients

(Asia Mart)

On the drive home – a detour through the tiny town of Icheon to avoid traffic on the highway – I came across this market, which looked bizarrely out of place, so I couldn’t resist taking a look.
A fully stocked store, including a range of fresh produce, frozen meats, and canned goods, mostly Thai products (almost zero Korean products), with a Thai owner and Thai customers – leading me to surmise that Thais, and probably other South/Southeast Asians, work in the factories and live nearby.
Next door, BMW karaoke club – the hottest spot in town!
When the owner saw the Silver Swan, she asked “Filipino?” and I replied “yes,” thinking she was asking about the vinegar, which was stupid because of course she knew that the vinegar is Filipino, so now she thinks that I’m Filipino (close enough).



(Iri Garden)

When in season (now), Iri Garden sells freshly picked corn at 5,000 won for 10 ears; at W’s request, I bought 60 ears.
When we opened the bag at home, we were pleased to discover that they had given us 80.
Simmered in water with sugar and salt for 40 min.
From farm to table: check out how perfectly pristine the kernels are, down to the tip – absolutely delicious, best thing that W’s ever made, her first 4.0!



(Uncle S)

Sewing machine (the box is likely more valuable than the machine, which are fairly common)
Stone (used for “ironing” fabrics by laying them on the surface and beating them with wooden paddles)
Scale (left) + Rake (right)
Weaving stones



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