12.288 La Mian in Scallion Oil

Cycle 12 – Cycle 288

20 (Wed) October 2021

La Mian in Scallion Oil


at Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight

(Lotte World Tower)

-Jamsil, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight is a Chinese restaurant.

On an horological errand in the department store, I ran across the restaurant.  Recalling that the Crystal Jade brand was once my favorite for authentic Chinese cuisine in Korea, I couldn’t resist dropping in for an early dinner, hoping for my first non-Koreanized Chinese meal since leaving the Philippines.

Alas, whereas the various restaurants in the chain had previously specialized in various dishes (see also 3.187 Xiaolongbao; 3.245 La Mian in Scallion Oil; 3.358 Crystal Hot Pot), this branch offered mostly dishes in the Korean-Chinese tradition (e.g., jjajang myeon, jjambbong, etc.).

I wasn’t remotely enticed by the jajang myeon, made with organic olive oil, at 10,000 won.

Fortunately, la mian in scallion oil was still available (see generally 3.248 La Mian in Scallion Oil).

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as I’d remembered.  A bit dry, no broth as before.  But okay.

However, the xiaolongbao was the worst example of the dish in recent memory – pasty in texture, flavorless.  I only ate 2.



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