12.314 (Unified) Quattro Pizza

Cycle 12 – Item 314

15 (Mon) November 2021

(Unified) Quattro Pizza


by IZ (and me)

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with IZ

Today was the 7th and final installment of IZ’s after-school cooking class.  He didn’t attend the class – “I was too tired” – but brought home the ingredients.

A recipe book provided background on the week’s featured dish and instructions.

If I had looked at the pizza recipe, I would’ve realized that the “quattro” was in reference to 4 quarters, each with a different set of toppings: 1) pepperoni, 2) pepperoni + veggies, 3) bulgogi + veggies, 4) sweet potato mousse + sliced sweet potatoes.  This kind of pie has been featured on GMTD (see for example 6.004 Quattro Staggioni Pizza).

Every week, the instructor prepared a self-contained ingredient kit for each student.

But no, I didn’t open the book and instead blindly assumed “quattro” to mean 4 cheeses, even though the kit came with only 2 types.  Under my (mis)guidance, IZ spread the toppings evenly across the dough, making it a combination pizza.  We agreed to withhold the sweet potatoes – at that moment, confused about how to apply the mousse, I read the recipe and realized the mistake.  Given the option of rearranging the toppings into quarters, IZ declined.

While disappointed in IZ’s laziness, I was glad for the chance to make the pizza together.
Knife skills, my boy!

Just the other night, IZ and I had watched Just Friends, a silly rom-com.  One of the characters, while flying in a private jet, microwaves a roll of sushi wrapped in aluminum foil, which explodes and causes the plane to make an emergency landing.  Hilarity ensues.  Love blossoms.

The pie was placed on a sheet of aluminum foil.

As I was putting the pizza in the oven, IZ started yelling, “Dad – aluminum foil, microwave – did you learn nothing from Just Friends!?!?”  IZ was unaware that our microwave oven also has a standard electric function.

Photo by me.

The pizza turned out pretty well.  The dough was kinda doughy, but the toppings were okay.  Reminded me of, though much better than, the crappy free pizzas from Shakey’s in Manila (see for example 10.184 Garden Fresh Pizza).

Photo by IZ – similar tilt.


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