12.327 Pyeonyuk Muchim

Cycle 12 – Item 327

28 (Sun) November 2021

Pyeonyuk Muchim


at Okcheon Jeontong Naeng Myeon

-Okcheon, Okcheon, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

The First Full Family Full Camping Trip Ever (Day 3)

Surprisingly, our family of four has never before camped out together in a tent.

It was so exhausting, I might never do it again.

Louis Le Pieux and his new friend Tango.

The campsite was located in Okcheon, giving me an opportunity to check out a couple additional contenders in the Okcheon Challenge, on the way in, on the way out.

Okcheon KPWM Challenge (4) (see also OKPWMC)

This project aims to confirm that Okcheon Goeup Naeng Myeon – the OG – which has always been GMTD’s favorite restaurant for Okcheon-style MNM and other dishes, is still the best joint in town.

Okcheon Jeontong Naeng Myeon (JT) is a Korean restaurant.  Offers the standard Okcheon menu: Hwanghae-style mul naeng myeon, pyeonyuk, wanja, and radish kimchi.

My first experience with the restaurant, I was very pleased to discover that the food was quite good.

Kimchi (4.0): perfectly crunchy, perfectly tangy.
Wanja (4.0): perfectly seasoned, perfectly light and fluffy in texture + Pyeonyuk (3.5): juicy and tasty, but cut a bit too thin.
Mul Naeng Myeon (2.5): the pork-based broth was a bit odd, couldn’t quite put my finger on what, but a dash of mustard + vinegar, which I would typically never do, made it okay; the noodles and toppings were fine.

Total score: 4.0 (kimchi) + 3.5 (pyeonyuk) + 4.0 (wanja) + 2.5 (MNM) = 14 out of 16 (88%).  A worthy contender.

Although falling a tad short of OG on the scoring rubric, JT holds a pair of kickers that will bring me back for a repeat visit.

First, the meat dishes are offered in smaller portions. 2 wanja for 5,000 won, 4 wanja for 10,000 won; a half-plate of pyeonyuk for 10,000 won.  Other restaurants offer only a full platter, usually at 20,000 won, as here.  If I’m on my own, for example, this would be the place to come.

Second, more important, the pyeonyuk also comes in muchim form.  Seasoned with a perfectly balanced, delicately spicy sweetish-savory sauce, plus shredded cucumbers.  Never seen anything like it.  One of the best pork belly dishes in my experience.

So glad that I undertook this project, even though I hadn’t expected much.




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