13.119 Champinones a la Creama

Cycle 13 – Item 119

4 (Wed) May 2022

Champinones a la Creama


at Tapas Bar

-Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Tapas Bar is a Spanish restaurant.  Specializes in tapas, along with various formulations of sangria.

Located directly across the alley from Fat Albert’s.
Already packed at 1730, customers lining up outside.

Following dinner and drinks in Itaewon last week (see 13.114 Piggie Volcano), I’ve decided to make such outings a regular thing, perhaps every other week, either with others or on my own.  Exploration of the neighborhood, now so much different than it was when I used to hang out there, will provide opportunities to eat food other than Korean and inspire new posts for GMTD.

Shots of most drinks ranging from 4,900 to 10,900 won, half of what bars anywhere else in the city charge.

The food and booze at Tapas Bar were okay.   Just happy to be eating Spanish in Seoul, a rare privilege.

Gambas al Ajillo (1.5): the garlic at the bottom of the pan was burnt.
Estella Damm on tap, which I haven’t encountered since Spain (see 5.197 Pintxos).
Croquetas de Patatas (2.5): filled with mashed potatoes and American cheese, served with a spicy aioli – pretty good.
Red Sangria: I like the garnish of 3 different citrus fruits.

The best dish was the Champinones a la Creama.  Mushrooms stuffed with cheese + jamon (couldn’t really detect any), topped with baby sprouts in balsamic dressing, served in a bath of cream sauce.  Nice balance of flavors and textures, though the cream sauce was a bit too runny.  Embodies Michael Pollan’s principle to “eat food, mostly plants, not too much.”  Good accompaniment for beer and sangria, and whisky.

I requested extra sprouts.


(See also BOOZE)


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