13.290 Grilled Eel

Cycle 13 – Item 290

22 (Sat) October 2022

Grilled Eel


at Solddeul Camping

-Sinbok, Okcheon, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with IZ

After an overwhelmingly successful book fair at SFS this week – having sold KRW 36 million at the same venue just 5 months prior (see previously 13.139 Kimchi Fried Rice), we shattered our all-time book fair record by achieving KRW 52 million, the first large-scale event under my direct supervision – I needed a break.  Camping seemed like just the thing to unwind.  Prior iterations of Camping “Rehab” meant relearning my camping skills (see previously 13.087 (Geonbbang) Hardtack), but this one was meant to revitalize my body and soul.  It didn’t, instead leaving me entirely exhausted.

Camping Rehab, Part IV (Day 2)

Also on the menu: yakitori + sea scallops.

Leftover eel from Chuseok (see 13.249 Grilled Eel).


(See also CAMPING)

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