13.363 Dubu Wanja

Cycle 13 – Item 363

3 (Tue) January 2023

Dubu Wanja


at Dongbuk Hwagwa Wang

-Changsin, Jongro, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with BP

BP is a former colleague from WHO.  At the time of my resignation, she was the senior administrative assistant in my division (DHS).  Stationed in front of the division director’s office, just one other person (FS – former division PMO) between us.  Beyond the physical proximity, as well as the work that we did together – for example, organizing the division retreat in 2018 (see 9.315 Lechon na Baboy) – I’d like to think that we developed a pretty good personal relationship.

She’s in Korea for a few months, working out the Seoul office.

I was so engaged in conversation (mostly gossip – like how the current Regional Director has been placed on indefinite leave by HQ pending an investigation into allegations of abuse and racism) that I forgot to take a photo of the food until the very end.

When I asked her what she wanted for dinner, she replied, “Anything but Korean.”



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