14.010 Eomuk Ggochi

Cycle 14 – Item 10

15 (Sun) January 2023

Eomuk Ggochi


at Cheongjeong Food

-Jangji, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with IZ

Cheongjeong Food is a Korean food stall.  Somewhere between an actual street cart and a brick-and-mortar restaurant (see also 12.148 Ggoma Gimbab).  Offers 3 of 4 street food standards (see 4.166 Full Set), excluding twigim (deep-fried items).

Located around the corner from Halmeoni Garae Ddeokbokki (see 14.004 Nampodong Ddeokbokki).

IZ and I encountered the place on a bike ride around the plaza.

The food was pretty good – I look forward to trying/posting on other items.

(See also HANSIK)


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