14.131 Kal Guksu in Extra Chickeny Soup

Cycle 14 – Item 131

16 (Tue) May 2023

Kal Guksu in Extra Chickeny Soup


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

With leftover meat and broth from yesterday’s baeksuk (see 14.130 Baeksuk in Extra Chickeny Soup).

When I make baeksuk with 2 chickens, the family finishes off the legs, thighs, and wings, and I eat a pair of breasts, leaving another pair of breasts, which I reserve for a secondary application, like kal guksu – fortunately, I prefer white meat in soups.

(See also HANSIK)

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