14.132 Roasted Mackerel Set

Cycle 14 – Item 132

17 (Wed) May 2023

Roasted Mackerel Set


at Tosok eui Mi

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with W and IZ

Try Every Restaurant in Scandi Mall (5) (see TERSM)

Tosok eui Mi (토속의 미) is a Korean restaurant.  Doesn’t specialize in anything in particular, offering random handful of traditional/popular dishes.  The name of the place means the “taste (mi) of folk (tosok).”

Located in Scandi Mall (South-East Wing), next door to Mibundang.
Mostly empty on a weekday at dinnertime – not a good sign for a neighborhood joint.
I ordered the first thing on the menu, the most expensive single serving item at 17,000 won.
Side dishes were served on plates slotted into trays that were brought out from the kitchen then inserted into the table; notably the plates for the main dishes don’t fit into the slots – I don’t understand how this benefits either the customer or the restaurant, other than the side dishes remain neatly ordered for better photos?

The food was quite good.  A respectable array of fresh vegetable-based banchan (not a processed meat in sight).  All the mains were well-prepared (except maybe the fish, as noted below).  Everything nicely seasoned.  Nothing to get excited about, but a solid meal all around.

Roasted Mackerel (2.5): even though overcooked on the surface, the meat within retained sufficient juiciness; would’ve been quite tasty, if not for the strong scent of burn.
Sotbap (3.0): this practice is quite mainstream nowadays (see generally 13.299 Snapper-Scallop Sotbap).
Namul (3.5): bibimbap sans bap – my favorite part of the meal.
Doenjang Jjigae (3.0): nice.

(See also HANSIK)


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