13.299 Snapper-Scallop Sotbap

Cycle 13 – Item 299

31 (Mon) October 2022

Snapper-Scallop Sotbap


at Solsot

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with W and IZ

Solsot (솔솥) is a Korean restaurant chain.  Specializes in so-called “pot rice,” as explained below.  No information on when the chain was founded, currently 40 locations across the country.

Various clues suggest Japanese influence, or at least interest.  The front signage is written in hiragana.  In addition to sotbap, the menu also offers pork shabu shabu and shrimp tempura.  The plates for side dishes are Japanese hand-made pottery, while the broth for the burnt rice soup is served in a sake dokuri.  The dining hall has a poster of Osaka.  Just saying.

Strange that only the steak option is written in English.

Sotbap (솥밥) is a Korean dish.  Consists of rice, steamed in an individually-sized steel pot, then topped with seasoned proteins and vegetables.  After the primary components have been finished, a secondary soup is made by pouring in water/broth/tea to deglaze the burnt rice in the bottom of the pot.  While the practice of cooking rice in.  Not really a traditional dish in itself, inspired by the old-school rice method of cooking rice in gamasot, a large cast iron pot (see generally 6.094 Samgyeopsal), scaled down to individual portions, like dolsot bibimbap (4.206 Jeonju Gobdol Bibimbap), with a nod to Bukchang-dong-style sundubu jjigae (see generally 4.139 Vancouver-Style Sundubu Jjigae).

Rather than eat the dish inside the pot and make the soup at the end, the menu suggests to transfer everything to a side plate and make the soup in the pot at the outset, so it’s given time for the burnt rice to loosen up.

Meh.  The fish was kinda bland, and skimpy in portion (an additional 8,000 won for a double – no thanks).  The scallops were a bit fishy.  The rest was okay, if unremarkable.  While I could appreciate the concept, I found the execution to be rather soulless.

Complimentary burnt rice chips.



(See also HANSIK)

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