14.153 Shrimp Burger

Cycle 14 – Item 153

7 (Wed) June 2023

Shrimp Burger


at What’s Pide

-Gaepo, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and IZ, and IZ’s friends

IZ graduated from elementary school today.  The event was called a “transition ceremony” – is “graduation” politically incorrect these days?.

Congratulations, IZ!  We are so proud of you.

Officially, he is now no longer a child, even though he still acts juvenile (at times), and he will always be my baby.

Afterwards, some of the families went out for lunch.

One of the parents suggested What’s Pide.

Located 1.9 km from the school.

What’s Pide is an Italian(ish)/English(ish) restaurant.  While the menu is populated largely with pastas and pizzas, it also offers bangers & mash and Scotch eggs (the owner is English).   The restaurant sells frozen handmade sausages for takeout.

Not very busy on a Wednesday.

Given the name of the place, and the excellent bun in the chicken burger, I suspect that the business started out as some kind of Turkish(ish) restaurant specializing in pide (see generally 9.056 Pide), but then reverted to more mainstream fare to boost sales.  Nothing resembling pide currently appears on the menu, except pizza.

3 varieties of sausage: British Original, Italian Pork, Spicy Chicken – 10,000 won for a pack of 4.

After sampling the spicy chicken sausage, I purchased 2 packs of every variety to take home.  Stay tuned.

Can’t explain why both shots of the burger turned out so crappy.

The burger was good, despite what the poor photo would suggest.  The deep-fried shrimp patty was nicely done – can’t recall encountering a shrimp burger outside of a fast food restaurant (see most recently 14.137 Shrimp Burger) . The bun was the best part: crispy on the outside, soft and squishy and chewy inside – they should sell them separately, like the sausages – if I ever go back to the restaurant, I might be tempted to try the burger, just for the bun.



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