14.216 Kal Mandu Guk

Cycle 14 – Item 216

9 (Wed) August 2023

Kal Mandu Guk


at Onjeong Son Mandu

-Sinjeong, Yangcheon, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


3 years ago, GMTD documented the bureaucratic bullshit that I’d endured to secure my visa for living in Korea (see 11.233 Gogi Mandu).  A silver lining in the overwhelmingly black cloud of the process had been to discover this mandu restaurant across the street from the immigration office (see 11.289 Kal Mandu Guk).

So good that I finished the broth with an additional order of rice.

F-4 renewals now available on-line, I was hoping that I could avoid going to the immigration office for the renewal, but – DOH! – my application was flagged because I now have a criminal record – a story that I’d introduced (see generally 12.318 Ojingeo Muchim), but never finished (someday).  So, I had to go to the office to submit additional paperwork.   The visa was approved, with a warning that future incidents could result in deportation.

The struggle to ensure my visa approval made me hungry.

I scheduled the visit so that I could eat lunch at Onjeong Son Mandu, where I ordered the same dish.

(See also HANSIK)


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