Jjambbong Janggun is a  Korean-Chinese restaurant.   Specializes in Korean-style Chinese cuisine – in particular the eponymous jjambbong, which comes in 8 varieties.  The “janggun” means “general/admiral” in the military sense and refers figuratively to someone who masters or excels or leads at something.  Located on Adriatico Street in Ermita, across from Robinsons Place.


Try Every Item at Jjambbong Janggun (TEIJJ).  A project in which I eat my way through the menu of Jjambbong Janggun. 15 items in all.

  1. 10.271 Chadol Jjambbong
  2. 10.281 Jikhwa Jjambbong
  3. 10.286 Tagliatelle alla Bolognese (Baek Jjambbong)
  4. 10.294 Emperor Jjambbong
  5. 10.327 Sundubu Jjambbong Bap
  6. 11.014 Bokkeum Jjambbong
  7. 11.116 Tangsu Yuk
  8. 11.138 Jjambbong Jeongol

Two items – cream jjambbong (7) and Chinese-style naengmyeon (8) – had been discontinued.  New items had been added, as posters on the wall, but the project was aligned strictly to the original printed menu.

Screenshot 2020-06-04 20.51.47

The chadol jjambbong (5), the restaurant’s signature item, is one of the best renditions of the dish that I’ve experienced anywhere.  The remaining items were okay.  Overall, TIEJJ didn’t reveal any gems, but the project was otherwise harmless.

TEIJJ will likely be my final Try Every project in the Philippines, at least for the foreseeable future.


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