11.014 Bokkeum Jjambbong


19 (Sun) January 2020

Bokkeum Jjambbong


Jjambbong Janggun

-Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Bokkeum jjambbong is a Korean-Chinese dish.  A derivative of jjambbong, only without broth, stir-fried (bokkeum) instead.

While jjambbong is one of my all-time favorite dishes, I am not a fan of the stir-fried version, which is why it has never before been featured on GMTD.


That said, I was very happy with the rendition by Jjampong Janggun.  Firm noodles.  Well-balanced sauce, not at all greasy.  Even better, it came with slices of beef, very nicely seasoned, nicely wok-charred – highly unusual, highly appreciated.  I will probably never order the dish again, but wouldn’t mind if I did.


The only drawback would be the surfeit of onions, and bell peppers.


Try Every Item at Jjambbong Janggun (TEIJJ).  I am eating my way through the menu, only 15 items in all – now 8 down, 7 remaining.

  1. 10.271 Chadol Jjambbong
  2. 10.281 Jikhwa Jjambbong
  3. 10.286 Tagliatelle alla Bolognese (Baek Jjambbong)
  4. 10.294 Emperor Jjambbong
  5. 10.327 Sundubu Jjambbong Bap
  6. 11.014 Bokkeum Jjambbong

Screenshot 2020-05-05 20.46.54

At one point, we suddenly realized that IZ wasn’t at the table.  He had snuck out and crossed the street.  Through the window, we saw him standing on the curb, doing some kind of dance.  W flipped out.



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