1.254 Engawa Nigirizushi


16 (Thu) September 2010

Engawa Nigirizushi


at Sakanaya

-Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea-

with DJ

Engawa is a cut of fish.  It’s the chewy fin section of the fish that I believe is called “fluke” in English and “hirame” in Japanese, a flat bottom dweller related in some way to the halibut.

Without question, engawa is my favorite cut for sushi.

Sakanaya is a Japanese restaurant. A conveyor-belt sushi chain that I discussed in a prior post on a different location. The food’s not bad, just ridiculously expensive, most plates worth grabbing priced at 7,000 won and up.

DJ suddenly expressed a craving for eel, which he calls “flotsam-jetsam” (after the villain octopus Ursula’s two henchmen in The Little Mermaid, who are eels).  We went to Sakanaya.  By coincidence, the daily special just happened to be fresh boat-caught eel at 10,000 won a pop. He ended up eating 5 plates total.  So long as he enjoyed it, it was worth it.

On a side note, I discovered that I’d lost my wallet en route to the restaurant, so I had to call a friend to come and pay for the meal. When he saw the bill, 90,000 won (engawa is pricy, too), he did a literal double-take and asked, “Wait, it was just the two of you, right? You and the kid? What were you eating?!?”


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