2.032 Beef Curry Rice


6 (Sun) February 2011

Beef Curry Rice


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family

3 tricks to my Japanese-style curry rice: (1) I mince the onions, celery, carrots, and bell peppers so that they dissolve after an hour of simmering, which makes the sauce both smooth and rich with flavor; (2) I add corn, which gives the sauce a bit of sweetness to offset the spices; and (3) at the end, I pour in a bit of milk, which softens the sauce with a touch of creaminess.

I don’t actually like Japanese-style curry myself, but it’s a cheap, easy-to-make crowd-pleaser.

Tomorrow, I’m headed to Manila on a 3-night, 4-day business trip. After a full year of staying in Korea during Cycle 1 of the blog, I’m now scheduled for my 2nd overseas trip in as many weeks.  It’ll be my first visit to the Philippines, so I’m looking forward to some new food experiences, though I dread the possibility that the Korean compatriots waiting for me there will insist that we eat at local Korean restaurants.


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