2.238 Haemul Ssamjang


31 (Wed) August 2011

Haemul Ssamjang


at Bonga

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

Ssamjang (쌈장) is a Korean condiment.  Primarily doenjang (a fermented bean paste similar to Japanese miso), with gochujang +  + gochugaru + garlic + sesame oil + sugar + other seasonings to give it a spicy savory sweetness.  As the name would imply – wrap (ssam) sauce (jang) – it typically accompanies rice and/or meats wrapped in lettuce or other vegetable leafs.  Standard on any Korean BBQ spread.

Our favorite local restaurant offers a deluxe ssamjang that includes bits of seafood (haemul), mostly squid, which adds extra layers of flavor and texture – a legitimate dish in itself, not just a freebie condiment.

On this 12th post featuring the restaurant, I finally get around to showing a photo of the entrance – perhaps by the 24th post, I’ll show a photo of the interior.

Tonight was the 3rd going-away party for our current nanny (Nanny 2), who’s been with us on and off for the past 4 years, more than all the others combined.  For her 2nd going-away party, the subject of a previous post (see 1.114 Grilled Ribeye), we tried to take her to an expensive restaurant only to see that she wouldn’t eat anything except free soup because the food was so expensive.  This time, we played it safe by going to our much more affordable neighborhood joint, only to discover at the end of the meal that she had paid for the meal at some point while we weren’t watching.  Oh the games she plays.

What with DJ practically a teenager now, or at least he acts like one – he just turned 4 – we’ve decided not to hire a new nanny. Thankfully, Nanny 2 will still drop by twice a week to help with the chores.  She will always be welcome, in any capacity.

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