2.326 Salmon/California Roll


27 (Sun) November 2011

Salmon/California Roll


at Little California

(iPark Mall)

-Hangangro, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


The essence of a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, or any establishment where the sushi is offered via some manner of cyclical per-plate system, is that the items are cheap and varied and plentiful, and of course tasty.

This new conveyor-belt sushi restaurant in iPark Mall, which is part of the shopping complex connected to Yongsan Station, fulfills all 4 of the aforementioned standards.  Every plate was 1,800 won regardless.  While none of the offerings was especially rare or remarkable, the choices were reasonably diverse.  As the plates were topped with lids, each level was stacked with multiple items to ensure variety.  And everything was pretty good.

W and DJ had eaten earlier at a different place next door and just sat with me while I sampled a few plates.

We were at the mall to catch the first holiday movie of the season, Arthur Christmas, which was also pretty good.

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