4.134 Jeonbok Pyogo Juk

Cycle 4 – Item 134

19 (Sun) May 2013

Jeonbok Pyogo Juk


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

With IZ under the weather, I made him some jeonbok juk, my go-to alimentary panacea for ailing loved ones.  Unfortunately, he spit it out, first time that he’s ever refused food.  The rejection was probably based on the porridge being a bit chunky and thus painful to swallow with his swollen throat.  The featured photo shows a separate batch made for everyone else, including pyogo mushrooms for extra punch; IZ’s was much much more simple.

After camping out in the rain last night, I had to pack the gear while it was still wet and brought it home.

815 days since I’d last prepared the dish (see most recently 2.049 Jeonbok Juk) – and that time, W had merely gotten braces, making it difficult to chew – quite an impressive streak of good health for the entire family, nothing serious enough to warrant the all-powerful elixir.

Gear made of fabric must be completely dry when stowed or else mildew will set it, so I spent the afternoon unpacking the gear, pitching the tent and laying out the mats until dry, then repacking it all – colossal ass pain.


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