5.244 Scrambled Egg Whites with Fish & Dried Scallops

Cycle 5 – Item 244

6 (Sat) September 2014

Scrambled Egg Whites with Fish & Dried Scallops


at Peking Garden

(Greenbelt 5)

-Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with WHO Korean staff

Peking Garden is a Chinese restaurant.  Wide range of classic dishes, ranging from Cantonese to Mandarin.  High end.

The occasion was a quiet welcome dinner for a new member of the Korean WHO WPRO family.

Overall, the food was very good.  I would expect no less from any restaurant chosen by our Regional Director, gourmand of gourmands.

One of the best xiaolongbao that I’ve ever experienced.  The napa cabbage pieces, though not necessarily served as part of the dish, were also excellent, having absorbed some of the soup leakage.

The egg dish was absolute perfection.  At first glance, it looked rather odd, a big pile of white mushiness, topped by a raw egg yolk.  But at first bite, I was completely blown away, a sublime explosion of delicate creaminess, accentuated by chunks of fish and slivers of dried scallop.  One of the most revelatory food experiences in recent memory.



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