6.200 Scallops with Broccoli


24 (Fri) July 2015

Scallops with Broccoli


at Maria Orosa Seafood Restaurant

-Ermita, Manila-

with RK

Maria Orosa Seafood Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant, located on Maria Orosa Street, half a block north of UN Avenue, a few blocks from work, specializing in seafood — sorry for pointing out the obvious, on both counts. 
Sharks and eels, oh my!

The food was quite good.  The scallops, undeniably the best that I’ve had in Manila yet, among the best anywhere, exquisitely savory — what a scallop should taste like — as if taken straight from the sea, or the tank perhaps.  Stir-fried to delicate perfection, Cantonese style, just the way I like it.  Definitely coming back for more.

Subject to further verification, this could be a candidate venue for a Korean staff dinner.

Crab & Corn Soup (3.0) — real crab meat,
Slipper Lobster in Ginger Sauce (2.5) — alas, no white pepper sauce.

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