6.358 Pork Tenderloin Elaina


29 (Tue) December 2015

Pork Tenderloin Elaina


at My Kitchen by Chef Chris

(The Oasis : Paco Park Hotel)

-Paco, Manila-

with the family

New Year with the Family, Day 4 (see previously 6.357 The Best Tasting Tender Beef…).

After spending the first 10 days of my winter holiday in Seoul (see most recently 6.354 Christmas Special Dinner), the remaining 6 days will be here in Manila.  Arrived together Saturday morning.  The wife and kids fly back on January 2.

Taking a table by the pool to avoid the excessive A/C inside, we had the quiet patio to ourselves, which allowed us to play a movie for the kids on the laptop (Aladdin 2: Aladdin & The King of Thieves (straight to video) — kids will watch anything), so the grownups could eat in peace.

First time taking the family to My Kitchen (see generally 4.270 The Original…).

Haven’t had dinner there myself in well over a year (see most recently 5.270 Risoni Pilaf).

They loved it, everything about it (DJ: “Can we eat lunch here tomorrow then play in the pool?”).

The Pork Tenderloin Elaina was quite good.  Sliced tenderloin, sweet and juicy.  Rich parmesan cream sauce, not too heavy.  Well-balanced with the earthiness of the mushrooms.  Al dente noodles.  Nothing remarkable, but perfectly respectable.

My Kitchen will now be part of the family protocol.

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